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"Thanks again Mike for stepping up today, that really goes a long way with us knowing we have that level of support."
Mark Giannou
Horizon Credit Union
Unlimited Support
Often times, our customer support group is considered an extension of your management team. When faced with decisions involving “what if” scenarios, BPW’s representatives exceed the traditional customer support role.

BPW is made up of accountants and CPAs first. We are accountants helping accountants and the overall accounting function, all while speaking the credit union language.

Customer support for our credit unions is unlimited. You are not limited by how many times, how often, or how long your question may take. BPW strives to provide the highest customer experience with an exceptional customer support team who goes beyond traditional limits.

Of course, you are welcome to call and ask a technical question, and we will give you the technical answer. But we also challenge the question from an accounting and credit union best practices perspective, striving to go beyond the technical.

Building relationships is also very important, which is why we choose to staff our customer support team with the same individuals who assisted you in the implementation. Our credit union customers thoroughly appreciate the familiarity of knowing who and what they are going to get when they call for support and advice.

"I wish there were more companies like you guys." Victor Carrillo, Western Federal Credit Union
What We Offer

Advanced Core Accounting
Core Processor Integration
Fixed Price Implementation
Unlimited Support
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