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Managing purchasing effectively and efficiently is vital to a business’ long-term success. In times of challenging market conditions ensuring that incomings and outgoings are tightly managed and as visible as possible is simply fundamental to business survival.

For many companies purchasing processes have not evolved with them. This has resulted in disjointed and standalone, often paper-based, purchasing systems unable to work with goods tracking and receipt, and worse, invoicing systems that have to be manually matched to a paper based trail. Companies have become victims of their own success. The more business they do, the more complicated the purchase management process has become.

From Purchase to Pay

This is where the m-hance Purchase Management system comes in. A flexible, end-to-end solution that works with companies: from the initial requirement to purchase, through to invoice matching and payment. m-hance Purchase Management incorporates three core business process tools into one integrated and tailored solution:
  • Requisition entry and approval
  • Goods/transactions acknowledgement and receipt
  • Invoice approvals
Using browser-based technology to provide enhanced visibility and accessibility of your organization’s liabilities, m-hance Purchase Management combines user-friendly navigation and instantly recognizable functionality to help encourage user adoption.

For companies relying on paper-based requisition processes, often across multiple sites, purchasing processes can be lengthy and often confusing. For those who have moved to online systems that utilize email, all too often just one employee absence is all that it takes for the process to fall apart. m-hance Purchase Management simplifies and significantly shortens the process—in some cases to just minutes. Tailored and automated workflows eliminate the need to manage a paper trail, decreasing the cost, time and margin for error associated with it.

Full of innovative features, such as its ‘holiday cover’ workflow, m-hance Purchase Management streamlines the process from purchase to pay and guarantees significant return on investment.
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